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Pueen Love Elements Stamping Plates

So I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m really on a nail kick. I go through phases, obviously, of being slightly obsessed with certain things. For a while it had been books and reading, which you can tell by all the book reviews that were one after the other and now I’m all about my nails. More because as of late, they have been somewhat damaged and I was interested in how to fix them. And by damaged I mean, the top layer of my nails were peeling pretty badly and I was on the search to find something that would help get them back to normal… but that is a whole other post!

On my quest to find the remedy to fix my nails, I started becoming interested in the “stamping” world of nails. I have always been interested in this purely because I am terrible at free hand anything. So I searched Amazon’s many pages of stamping plates and came across this set.

IMG_0005 copy

At first when I was testing them out, I kept thinking… good grief, these do not take well to the image. Then I remembered I had bought the Konad Stamping polish in white and tested them again with that. Turns out they stamp amazingly and I’m going to have to go through a lot of nail polish to see which will stamp good and which won’t. So the white image on the stamper is the Konad white polish.

IMG_0039 copy

I also purchased the Konad stamper and scraper.

Obviously, since it is the stamper and scraper I used in the photos.

As for the set, I actually really love it. I haven’t heard of Pueen Cosmetics before now. Because when I first started obsessing over nail stamping the big hitters where Konad, Bundle Monster, Cheeky, Mash and Red Angel. So this underdog has my approval.

It is called the Love Elements collection, so if you’re not really into hearts, some of the plates might not be for you. I didn’t know whether or not I would actually like all the cutesy heart stuff but it turns out I’m still a sucker for it.

It has some really random stuff… like an ant or the coffee cup. Not sure why those are in there but they are.

I bought mine from Amazon and the seller was InBeauty but I just checked and they no longer have it in stock, but you can go to and they have it for sale for $18.99. It is the same price as Amazon, I believe.

If you suck at doing free hand like I do, you might want to invest in some stamping plates. These could change your nails and your life. lol.

Check out the nail design I did for this weekend! I absolutely love it. Not going to lie… took me a good… oh I don’t know, three hours to get it to look this way but I think it was worth it.

Three Day Weekend Nails!

Let me go ahead and say that sponging on color is so time consuming and the clean up is a biznotch, but I think it looks pretty great. In this I used Pueen plate 33 for the full nails and the flower and leaves on my accent nail. I do believe this collection is going to get a lot of love from me!


8 thoughts on “Pueen Love Elements Stamping Plates

    1. They feel about the same. Pueen’s plates are actually about less than half of an inch smaller than the Cheeky. They stamp the same. The one thing that I like about the Pueen plates is that they don’t have that little dip in the design.

      1. Oh, awesome. Smaller is fine, cause as you can see on my blog, I don’t really have wide nail beds and like em short (and sweet :P). But I’m happy they stamp well.
        Dip? What do you mean?

      2. If you look at the Cheeky full nail designs they have a section that dips into the design. I normally keep my nails cut pretty short anyway but sometimes the slightest movement and I’m missing part of the design.

  1. Oh, yes, I know what you mean, that dip, I was wondering about that too! I’m waiting for Cheeky plates right now, and the I’ll have to work around that dip 😉 That was the only thing I was anxious about when ordering them, but their images are awesome 😉
    Oh, ok, so it fits your shorter nails, but you have to be careful, got it. I gotta feeling that’s gonna be the case with mine, I just hope it fits the nail plate. 🙂

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