Nail'd It

Big Lots Haul

If you have ever been on Nouveau Cheap‘s website, or if you have never heard of her before, she has one of the best websites that informs customers of great deals on drugstore items. I mean, she lists the promo ads all the time and whenever people have spotted something, she will blog it as soon as she can so others can go out and find the same deals.

Yeah, she’s pretty awesome and so is her blog, you should go check it out. So when one of her readers started finding Maybelline’s Color Show nail polishes popping up at Big Lots stores, I just knew I needed to stop by mine to see if it was true. And let me tell you something, our Big Lots rarely gets the good stuff, so when I went there and finally found them, I was excited beyond belief.


They are from the Sequins Collection. I also found a Color Show Duo Chrome, just one! And a random L’Oreal polish. Not only did I find polishes, I also found these Maybelline nail stickers!


And if you don’t understand why I’m so excited about these… it’s because the nail polishes retail for $3, which is not bad at all! And the nail stickers normally retail between $6 – $8 a piece! I got all the polishes and stickers for $1 each!! That is a steal my friends!

I didn’t stop there of course. I did find these Sinful Colors nail stripers.

Sinful Colors

Please forgive the mishap on the Anxious Azure and Sunset nail. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t dry when I was trying to do the other nails and well… it happens. I’ve never used any Sinful Colors stuff. I have a couple nail polishes that were duds. But these nail art polishes look like they might have some potential. Either way, they were $1 and that to me is still an awesome deal.

And to my luck, I went to Ross and found this L’Oreal nail polish pack. I don’t have any nail polishes by L’Oreal. I don’t know why, I just don’t. Maybe I’m really picky on the polishes I buy. [Shrugs]

Loreal Pack

Not going to lie, but I feel slightly jipped. The pack comes with two Check Me Outs but I can put that behind me. lol. I got this pack for $6.99! That’s especially awesome since one nail polish is like $5.

With all this nail stuff that I’ve found at Big Lots and Ross and all the stamping plates. I think I’m good on nail accessories for a while! I still have a few more plates that I have to process and photograph to put on here. As well as foils [eek!] and nail stripping tape, we’ll see how well all that goes. But yeah, lots more nail stuff and maybe even some tutorials. <— still not sure about that. lol.

What awesome finds have you found at your local Big Lots?


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