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Life Update

Well… it’s been a while, huh friends? I don’t really talk on this blog like I use to… good or bad, not really sure. I’ve been posting a lot on hauls and nail savvy stuff and really that is just the surface of what’s been going on in my life. The husband and I have been on the search of a place to call our own. That in it’s self, is frustrating and overwhelming. Do we rent, do we buy? Where do we want to live? Well this place is in-between where both of us work, but I don’t want to stay in that area. Could I find another job that will pay me just as much so that we can be closer to his work? Probably not, unless I want to start all over and that is not an option to me.

Then let’s move on to finding the husband a new-to-him vehicle. Do we wait… or take the plunge on one that we’ve found already. Say we take a year and pay things off, will we find another vehicle that he will want as much as he wants the one we found. Should we buy used or new? My family always buys new… his family is okay with buying used. So we both have a matter of opinion to it all, just based off of our past. We’re looking at used only because we really can’t afford new right now. : /


If I had the energy to scream at the top of my lungs, I would… but sadly I don’t.

Let’s move on into my photography. It’s been lacking, I know. I had two shoots what… two months ago and I still haven’t put those up on my photography blog. Call me lazy but motivation is fo cereal lacking. I’ve got a wedding this weekend with two people I have known since high school. So that has actually gotten the blood flowing and making me want to pick up my camera. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make you want to be a better you. Which in this case, makes me want to be a photographer instead of a Restock Specialist at Old Navy. The name is fancy but the job is not.

Since the wedding has made me start thinking about shoots and what I want to do as far as personal work. I found a series of photos that I want to do. Lots of people have done the Seven Deadly Sins but I think with the help of one of my good friends, I think we can make a bangin photo series. I have to tackle the photo details and then we will move on into finding locations and clothing and models that will fit each role.

I found her tutorial on youtube and instantly I knew I wanted to do something like this. Full garment, full makeup, a challenge that I want to plunge in to. But I also have to be reasonable to this, because this personal work is going to have to happen in-between the weddings I have coming up. And I’m supposed to fly out to Texas in the end of October [hopefully] to see my best friend and do her engagement photos, and on top of all of that… this girl is taking the risk, and is going to try to do photography full time. Which means I’ve got a room at my parent’s house that I will be turning into a studio. Which also means trying to get rid of a lot of stuff and coming up with an environment that I would want mommies to bring their precious little ones in to, to get their photos taken because I want to become a full time Maternity/Newborn Photographer. Talk about nerve wrecking and scary and exciting and WAY overwhelming.

Moral of my story is I’m just damned overwhelmed right now. lol. I think the hauls and the nail stuff and the book reviews are just good ways to keep myself occupied without having to think too much. Like today, I had butterflies in my stomach all day thinking about this upcoming wedding and all the things that need to happen and will I remember the shots that I definitely want to get. Will I remember the poses I want the bride and her girls to do… will the groom and his boys be willing to do something silly and off the beaten path? I think this is why I don’t want to pursue weddings as my career because it is a stressful! But I have to say, they are just as amazing as any other photography outlet.

So that is kind of what’s going on right now. My posts have been really non personal and it’s because I feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off. The only relief I get is sleep… and doing my nails… weirdly enough. 😀

I’m going to leave you with what I thought was a funny moment in me and the hubby’s every day conversations.


I had just gotten done putting on a top coat on my nails and I don’t know if this happens to other girls, but as soon as I’ve got wet nail polish on my nails… it’s like instantly my bladder’s like “Oh hey, I know I should have let you known earlier but you need to empty me… like now!”

Me: Hey, would it be weird if I asked you to pull down my shorts so I can go tinkle?

Ron: [serious face] Uh, Yeah it would be weird. You’re not that old for me to have to start doing that for you.

Me: [looks at nails] Looks like I’m going to take a risk.


Don’t worry, my nails were apparently already dry. lol. And now I know where my husband stands on these types of things.

I thought I would include this <—— one because I have in fact done my nails to somewhat match the top I’m wearing to the wedding.

Save your judgment!

That’s everything in a nutshell. So if you see more posts about things that don’t really reflect my life right now, it’s because I’m trying to not think about it. Ignorance is bless… am I right? lol.


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