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The Gingerbread Man | Maggie Shayne

Gingerbread ManGoodreads Overview

When Detective Vincent O’Mally finds two missing children dead, his life turns upside down. When the FBI takes over the case, Vince agrees to take time off. Traveling to a small upstate New York town, he meets Holly Newman–a fragile woman whose sister was abducted and killed years ago. Convinced that Holly’s sister’s death is linked to the recent murders, he attempts to unearth clues hidden deep in Holly’s mind.

*Update 10/5/2013 – According to a comment I’ve received from Maggie, the book will not be free much longer, it will go up to .99 and then mid month it will go to $2.99 and will then go up to settle at $4.99. I’ve just checked and as of right now on both websites for and still have it listed for free. So if you want to get this great book for free, get it now!

Oh my… I really liked this book. It’s not my normal teen paranormal romance bromance type of book but it was quite good.

You get introduced to Vincent O’Mally while he is dealing with a mother whose children have been abducted. O’Mally makes a promise to her that he knows he should never make and that is that everything will be okay and that he will find her children. Only problem is, he finds them but their not alive. Then he goes on a whirl wind of trying to continue working the case while pretty much being threatened that he needs to take a step back and his case is given to the FBI. He finds a book called The Gingerbread Man at the scene of the crime and something just tells him that the book is connected.

So he ends up in a really small town that is full of secrets. Without giving anything away, I’m going to stop here. I would find myself not wanting to put my Nook down. And honestly would be a few minutes late going back to work because I would want to finish the chapter I was reading on my break. Whooops. lol. Like most books, there is always a love interest; and with these two particular people, it is a constant battle within their own heads of knowing that they are emotionally damaged and that they feel that being in a relationship just will not work but not being able to shake off the feelings that they have for one another. It goes back and forth throughout the whole book, but to me it wasn’t to the point of being tiring, if you know what I mean. And let me just say…. there is quite a steamy playing the piano scene… if you know what I’m saying. Wink wink… No? There is a sex scene. lol. It would make most people blush a little. Definitely an adult book.

So yeah… it was really good. Shayne did a lot of work to make you think the killer is this one particular person… and I’m always weary about stuff like that because nine times out of ten… it ain’t that person. So that was a little obvious, but the person that is the killer, I really wasn’t expecting until about the moment that everyone has a revelation about each other. Which if you read the book… you’ll understand what I mean.

If you have an eReader, the book is free on both and, I just checked. You have nothing to lose by downloading this. If you don’t like it, it’s not like you spent $15 on it. So definitely give it a read. It’s not a long book and if you do read it, tell me what you think! I’d love to know what you thought of the book as well!


One thought on “The Gingerbread Man | Maggie Shayne

  1. Wow, thanks for the great review. Just to give full disclosure, this one has been free since August 15th, and is going up to 99¢ at all sites as we speak. Should be priced up by tomorrow. It’ll be going up again to 2.99 around mid-month and will settle at its regular price of 4.99 November 1st. We’ve have nearly 400,000 downloads and more than 700 reviews at Amz and BN, most of them 5 stars. I’m so pleased that this book has reached a whole new set of readers!

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