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Change | Elaine Pierson

ChangeBarnes and Noble Overview

Change is book 2 in The Lacey Hannigan series.

Lacey Hannigan always thought her human life was hard and unfair, but now that she is no longer human, her life is about to get a whole lot harder. Taken away from the man she loves to a remote mountain so she can learn to adapt to her new life as a werewolf, she is forced to accept changes that she’s not ready for, both with her body and her heart.

Okay… So literally… I started this book last night in an effort to try and put myself to sleep. Came home from work this afternoon… finished my first review of Growl, book number one in the series, but with the same intentions to try and get myself tired enough to fall asleep by reading [because let’s face it… us adults need nap time too]… I somehow read the entire book in a couple of hours. Now it’s not too hard to do, considering there are only about 200 pages… never the less… I can truly say that I did not at any point want to stop reading this book. Yes… it was that good. Now there were some grammatical errors and little things like that but I’m not one to put those before my feelings on a book.

Can I say, I was Pro Jesse from the beginning. Come on… if you read the first one, you know you were too. Lacey going away with Cole, it almost started to feel like she was developing Stockholm Syndrome. Can you say Beauty and the Beast much? But the more I read it, the more I was rooting for Cole by the end! Finally someone to knock down those emotional walls to reveal his humanity. Who knew that he could really care for someone as much as he cared for Lacey. Everything that he does throughout the whole book is for her benefit. He vowed to keep her safe and that’s exactly what he does.

Lacey struggles so much with this new part of her life. Not only the physical part of becoming a werewolf but also the emotional stress that it is putting on her. She promised the one thing that she never thought she would and that was to be with Cole because he saved her life… but the more time she spends with him the more she realizes that all he has ever done was love her and she doesn’t know how to cope with the fact that she is in love with two very different people. Again you would think Stockholm Syndrome… but it’s not. And the twist continues…

By the end of the book, Jesse is just down right scary. I don’t know if it is love that is making him wicked… or that was him all along, but it’s definitely something that I’m looking forward to in the last book Redemption. I don’t think that I mentioned it in the first review but of course, Jesse and Cole are brothers but they are identical twins. So you can only imagine how hard it is for Lacey to see one and not think of the other.

It is SO GOOD! Do yourself a favor and get this series! Of course, only if you are into the paranormal stuff. I don’t want to push you into something you might hate because it is a genre you don’t like. But I really recommend this series. Just typing about it makes my chest ache because I want to know what happens next. I need to know what happens to Lacey and who she chose because there are so many twists and turns that you really don’t see coming in the second book that just make you want to rush and read the last one. If you couldn’t guess it by now, I totally think you should buy this book… the first one is free on and if you have an eReader. This second book is only $3.99 on both those websites. Do it, put it on your to-read list on and make sure you read this! If you like these sorts of books, I think you will enjoy it!


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