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Growl | Elaine Pierson

GrowlBarnes and Noble Overview

A teenage girl with special powers runs away from home and encounters a group of werewolves. All hell breaks loose when Lacey finds herself trapped in the middle of a lifelong feud between two alpha males who both want to claim her as their own.

Lacey Hannigan is not your average teenage girl. She has the power to move objects with her mind. She doesn’t know why she has this power, but it is slowly consuming her.

I was weirdly intrigued by this book. Mostly because of the two brothers. Jesse, the one who knows he did something wrong in his past and is trying to make up for it in the present; while the other, Cole, is one angry mofo that hunts humans because they are the weaker species. And I’m not really one to read books about werewolves… vampires, yes… werewolves… not so much.

I REALLY enjoyed this book. It was a quick read. My nook said that it had 511 pages but that is totally false! The page numbers skip, so really it has about 250 pages. I think that I liked this book so much because of the story about two bothers gunning for the same woman… does that remind anyone else of The Vampire Diaries?! No? Am I the only one totally obsessed with that show? lol. I know, a twenty something swooning over a television show for teens… it’s a sad life. [smh]


Both of the brothers end up falling in love with her… like The Vampire Diaries… just saying… If you were to replace the werewolves with vampires, it’s pretty much the same concept. And I’m totally okay with that. And she finds that she has feelings for both of them as well. There is constant scheming and fighting and then BAM… <— that’s your cue to play the video below!

Yup… that happened too. I guess I should say spoiler alert but you don’t know who has the tumor! SO HA!

I didn’t realize that this book was a part of a series… I should have guessed it since the cover says a Lacey Hannigan Novel which normally points out that it is a part of a series but oh well. The next two of the series are only $3.99 so again… I’m okay with that. lol.

This book is free so if you are interested in seeing if you’ll want to read the rest of the series, check it out! It is free on both and I know, I have a thing for free books right now. Lol! Like I said, it’s a really quick and easy read. If you are into the whole paranormal love stuff, you might be down for this.


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