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Redemption | Elaine Pierson

RedemptionBarnes and Noble Overview

Cole is missing and everyone is certain that he’s dead. As the days pass, Lacey becomes more depressed and unstable. The trust she had with Jesse has been broken. She knows he’s hiding something from her and has vowed to find out what. Will learning the truth about what he’s done send her over the edge of sanity? And if it does, who will survive?

Well… I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. It was short and sweet and somewhat unexpected.

I’m not going into detail about what happened in the book… just because I don’t want to give anything away but know that Lacey ends up having no doubt in her mind and heart that the love she has for Cole is real.

Jesse… ends up being just as scary as in the second book. The realization of how lonely he actually was before Lacey came into this life is what sends him over the edge.

I loved this series. Again, there were a few grammatical errors that kind of started to get on my nerves… I can understand the first book and maybe the second but once I got to the third it started to kind of bother me. Now I’m not one to be picky about that type of stuff but someone should have caught that right? Example: She should have been clearly he… petty stuff but it kind of got under my skin. lol.

Like I’ve said about all the other books, if you like paranormal romance… action stuff… you will enjoy this! They are really short reads that can be read easily in a day. And even with all the craziness going on with all the characters, it gives you a bit of reality of how you should feel about the person that you love and the things you would do for that person.

So give it go. The first book is free, like I’ve said over the past… what… three days. lol. If you don’t like the first book, don’t continue with the trilogy. I can truly say that I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed The Infernal Devices trilogy… and that is saying something!


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