Life as I know it

Spilled Coffee

spilled_coffee_card-p137266562481411892b2icl_400Some mornings you ever wake up and think… yup today is going to be terrible?! Well… I did today.

Okay I didn’t think it was going to be terrible. Normally I can just do about anything with my days off and it’s not often that I get a day off that starts off the way like this morning did…

I got up, got my cup for coffee and started to put a new k-cup in our Keurig. Hit the button like normal and I just kind of spaced out. UNTIL I remembered that my cup was sitting on my desk. That’s right. [smh]

If you have a Keurig or a single cup coffee maker you know the drill… you put the cup under the maker… pop the little coffee thing in the top… close it and choose what size cup of coffee you want… then it makes it and then it pours it into your cup. It’s simple and I’m sure at some point in our history of having it I thought to myself, “I hope I never forget to put the cup underneath the maker.”

Well I guess today had to be that day. Once I heard it pouring onto the counter, I just kind of stood there and stared at it until I realized that I was wasting my coffee! And anyone who is a coffee addict knows that is a terrible feeling. lol. I grabbed my cup real fast and hoped there would be enough to at least fill my cup. And there was… but then I realized clean up was going to be a b****. That s*** got everywhere!

So note to self… if you and by you I mean my self… ever walk into the room with an empty cup, just go straight to the coffee maker. Don’t set it down somewhere because this morning is something that I just don’t want to go through again. Because quite frankly it is too damn early to have to clean up spilled coffee.


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