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Cheeky Summer Collection 2012

So if you couldn’t tell from my instagram photos… I have a thing for nails. My first stamping plates that I received were the Pueen Love Elements stamping plates and I loved them! Could not get enough of them, that I ended up ordering quite a bit more. I have a weakness… I know.

The second stamping plates that I bought were the Cheeky Summer Collection from last year. I honestly am not totally sure why I bought these plates. They are what I like to call “themed” stamping plates. I much prefer just the graphic design ones… but I got these anyway.


You never know when you would want to do a themed nail look… at least that is what I kept telling myself when I got them.

Here are what the plates look like with an example image next to it:

Not going to lie, when I first got these I thought “ugh… how am I going to use these?” and then I came up with this look:


That’s right little alien and spaceships! I’ve always wanted to do galaxy nails and then this came to mind. I actually loved it. And the themed plates have come in handy. I still kind of feel like they are a little childish but sometimes we need a little fun in our lives.

Right now I am wearing this:


Obviously since we are heading into the fall months. I just thought this would be a little appropriate. And before you ask… yes I bought a Holiday set of stamping plates as well. I ended up getting plates from three different companies and all have proved themselves as great competitors.  The images stamp well and I know I can get a lot of use out of them.

If you like these plates, I say get them! They are $19.99 on [click here: Cheeky Amazon] They are great. I know that it looks like there are some bald spots in the design on my nails… but that is my fault. You really have to play with your nail polishes to see which ones will work.

Here is a youtube video talking about this collection and she shows you how well they stamp. You can get an idea of how nail stamping works. There are a ton of videos out there about them, you just have to find them! If you are a nail person like I am, these could change how you do your nails and how often you do them as well!


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