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Influenster Jolly Vox Box

BoxNot so recently… more like on Christmas Eve, I received this Influenster Vox Box! If you don’t know what Influenster is, it is a community of people who, through social media, review products and help get the word out about certain products. If you blog, vlog, instagram… pretty much any kind of social media, you can join and take surveys and see if they think you would be a good match to receive a box. The only catch is that you do have to review the products! But hey, at least you get some free stuff to test out!!

insideFunny thing is… I don’t think I did any real surveys. At least none that I could remember. So I was really shocked when they said that I qualified for a box.

When you open your box, they give you a little card that tells you everything that is in the box with a little description and the price ranges that the items are in.

So in the December 2013 Jolly Vox Box, I received Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong to Go Tissue Pack, NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow, Rimmel London New Show Off Lip Lacquer, Skinny Cow Candy, and lastly Ducklings Mini Rolls.

The one thing that I was SUPER excited about was the Skinny Cow Candy… I know, I’m a fat kid! But really… I was super excited about it. Hahaha. Give me chocolate and we will be best friends for life…. FOR LIFE!

puffsPuffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go Tissue Pack $0.49/single pack

Description: Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go is still our best non-lotion facial tissue to use in the car, for on-the-go, wherever you go!

Pretty sure the packaging says Plus Lotion… lol. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with facial tissues. Especially now that the cold weather is giving everyone the sniffles and such. I feel like I never have tissues in my car, so this definitely has been handy.


NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow $2.99

Description: HD Color Trio Eye Shadow delivers high intensity color with a silky soft texture. This lightweight formula blends effortlessly for the ultimate smoky eye look.

This trio is called Long Beach Sands. When you rub your finger over the shadows, they definitely feel nice. On my skin tone… the colors don’t really show up. I think the only color that actually works is the highlighter shade which is the very top; even then… its too pink to be a highlighter for me. And even with primer, it doesn’t look like much on eyelids. Which is totally disappointing because I am always down for inexpensive makeup. But remember, what doesn’t work for me, might work for someone else. I think these colors would definitely work better on someone that is fair skin.


Rimmel London NEW Show Off Lip Lacquer $5.49 – $5.99

Description: It’s the end of colour as you know it! The intense rich colour of a lipstick combined with an invincibly smooth lacquer shine. Available in 14 shades.

The color that they sent me was a champagne type of color. Honestly, it would be way too much all over the lips. I wanted so badly to take a picture of it on the lips, but my lips are so chapped… it would just be a mess. I think this color would be best if you put it on the center of your lip as a highlight. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOOVE the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers! I have a ton in other colors and even did a little review type thing here: Walgreens Haul And by a ton.. I mean three… and now four with this Stargazer color. The formulation of these liquid lipsticks are amazing and they last a long time on the lips. Obviously if you eat or drink you might have to reapply, but that is like any other lip product. They do bleed a little, so you will have to use some lip liner. However, I think these are totally worth it. Of all the things in this box, I would totally recommend these lip lacquers.


Skinny Cow Candy $3.99/box, $1.09/single bar or pouch

Description: TA DA! Presenting almost too good to be true Skinny Cow Candy! Unbelievably chocolatey. Melt-in-your-mouth madness. Perfectly yummy portions. Skinny Cow’s line of candy weighs in at 110 to 130 calories. So if you’ve been avoiding the candy aisle, welcome back. You’re gonna feel like a kid in a candy store.

Yeah the description is a bit much, but these things are totally melt in your mouth deliciousness! I mean… heaven in your mouth. lol. I’m a lover of chocolate and this hits the spot! The box comes with 6 pouches and each pouch has three pieces in it. And the peanut butter crème!! Yuuuum! If you need a little treat at the end of the day, these are great and the calories make it worth it!


duck tape

Ducklings Mini Rolls $2 – $3

Description: Excellent for repair, crafting, and imaginative projects. High performance strength and adhesion characteristics. Tears easily by hand without curling and conforms to uneven surfaces. Ducklings are perfect for small repairs, trimming out  projects or for when you just need a little tape.

I just… don’t know what I’m going to use this for. I feel like I should give it to some small kid and tell them to go wild. It says it’s for small repairs and stuff… but really what am I going to repair with printed duck tape?! Friends, if you receive packages with duck tape all over it… you’ll see what use I found out of it. lol.

So in general, I think this box was pretty cool. The Ducklings Mini Rolls and the NYC Eye Shadow are probably the two that I will not really use. I will find a way to use the Rimmel Lip Lacquer because I think it has a great formula, it’s just a terrible color. And let’s be honest… I’ve already eaten most of the chocolate. lol.

If you are a blogger, vlogger… social media junkie and you like to review products, give Influenster a try. You can’t really complain… I mean, it’s free stuff. 😀 They also have these things where you will unlock badges and that puts you into the running to win some more free stuff. So that’s always cool.

voxbox-blogimage-popup2All items were sent to me complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

One thought on “Influenster Jolly Vox Box

  1. You could get crafty with the Duck Tape. My patient’s little sister uses printed Duck Tape to make flower pens. I have a whole garden of them 🙂

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