Life as I know it

Readers Block??

Books-Quotes-35Is that even such a thing? So I made a commitment to read The Game of Thrones series with a co-worker… it was going well until the third book and I realized that it was 1100 pages long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad book but just knowing how long it is makes me not want to read it. Even though said co-worker says that it is the best book out of the entire series and that I will read it crazy fast because of how good it is… I just can’t do it. So me thinking… okay if I don’t want to read a book that long, I will just get one out of my Nook library and start reading it. One of the books that I have been really wanting to read was One Day. I heard it was a fantastic book and heck they even made it into a movie, it’s got to be pretty decent if they do that. Well… thirty pages in and I’m done with it.

What the heck is wrong with me? Is anyone else like that? I know that my mind is else where with us having a baby and such but… damn. I just can not concentrate. Not only that, when did my shows take over my life. I feel like I have a commitment to every damn television show on prime time. Now I’m not totally complaining… it’s been a long time since there have actually been good shows on tv but… my Hulu queue is outrageous. So Hulu, you’re telling me I have 36 hours of shows that need to be watched? No big deal, right?

Oh and half of them are expiring in a day or two… well I don’t want to be behind, now do I?

Reading-QuotesNot only that, I keep finding books on Goodreads, that I’m like… HECKS YES I want to read this book… so when the heck am I going to do that when I can’t even get into reading right now? Am I just reading the wrong books? Seriously, has anyone else gone through this?

It’s slightly unnerving, considering that I pretty much live my life with my nose in a book…good or bad.


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