First dance with my Husband [[Oct. 15, 2011]]Hello and welcome to one of my newest blog called Daily Musings. I’ve never had a real blog where I just talk about my day, or rant a little about problems, or talk about lessons learned through this thing called life. So this is a new avenue of blogging for myself.

I am a photography graduate. A new wife, or ball and chain as my husband likes to call me. I love doing different kinds of crafts. Always looking for fun new ways of doing things.

Photography has been my passion since high school. I was a business major until I was asked to photograph a wedding. With that one wedding, I decided that having a camera in my hand was all that I wanted for my life. I have been making it my mission to become a legit business… only thing standing in my way is my actual job as a merchandising specialist at Old Navy. But I digress…

Recently, I have become addicted to adding post after post on my blogs so definitely hit the sign me up and get emails when new posts go up. Spread the word! 😀


Want to contact me about anything?! Books… Music… Beauty? Fill out of the contact form below!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to your posts! And noticed the 365 project in your links… My 365 I started this year is still in my camera. I better download and build that post. Last year, I made an attempt to do one, but had a specific theme which was a face shot of myself on a daily basis, with the intent to load into video software for some time lapse morphing. Well, somewhere around day 5 or 6, I came down with the flu and just had no desire to take a picture of myself, so abandoned that rather quickly. This year, my 365 is not going to be so limited… in fact, it’s wide open. Whatever photo I take and comes out interesting is the photo of the day.

    1. Oh the dreaded 365. I really wanted to make that last but boredom and the fact that I always missed a day, kind of messed up the flow. I like the idea of the time lapse… you won’t be seeing this mug shot for 365 that’s for sure. lol. Thanks for following though! 😀

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